Chancellors June Report

My Brothers, Thank you electing me as Chancellor for the coming year. As you can see from the list of officers, we have had some major changes as a result of past officers personal and Masonic responsibilities. A special thank you goes out to founding members who served as officers of the Collegivm for the first 2 ½ years. Family, work and other Masonic responsibilities sometimes alter a well thought out schedule and we have to be able to readjust.

As was mentioned at many of our previous meetings, our officer line is not progressive in nature and any brother who wishes to serve in the future should let the Chancellor, Pro or Vice Chancellor know of their interest in serving. I welcome our new officers and know they will contribute to our stated goals of bringing further light and knowledge to our members.

Membership in the Collegivm has the primary benefit of offering informative presentations at each meet-ing and being among brothers with similar educational interests. As an added bonus of membership, each year we offer a Masonic publication selected by the Chancellor and Academic Committee that we think will be of interest to each member. This year’s offering is “Beyond the Craft” by Keith B. Jackson. If you did not attend the last meeting and obtained your copy, please attend the upcoming meeting. This benefit is offered free of charge each year but it is of course incumbent that each member be current in their dues payments to receive each publication.

Starting with our June 28th meeting we will also have a formal meal at each meeting that is free to all members of the Collegivm. Guest Master Masons are al-ways welcome at each meeting but there will be a $10.00 charge for dinner if you are not a member. Reservations are mandatory by the deadline date posted in the communication and are required of eve-ryone, including officers.

As always, if you have a presentation that you think would be of interest to the Collegivm, please contact me and I will immediately forward it to our Academic Committee for review. Subjects must be of relevance to Masonic thought or relate to mythology, esoteric thinking, etc., or history. Presentations should be in the form of PowerPoint production to convey a visual image of the subjects being presented. Submissions for papers require certain format for publishing and the Academic Committee will work to help you achieve this. Once again, subject matter should be related to what is expected in a Masonic lodge of research. Papers offered and accepted for publication will appear in the RI Freemason.

As time passes and more papers are received, an eventual yearly or bi-yearly journal of papers will be published by the Collegivm. As many of you know, I serve as the librarian/curator of the Grand Lodge Library. I would like to extend to everyone an invitation to visit the library for your research. We have much to offer in all areas of Freemasonry. The library is open all weekdays from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. I am there every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to assist you with your research or by special appointment. The library is non-circulating at this time, so all research must be done in house. The Grand Lodge Library belongs to all RI Masons so please take advantage of it.

I look forward to seeing all of you at our June 28th meeting at Charity Lodge in Kenyon, RI, at the kind invitation of Worshipful Master Michael Southern. We will have an informative presentation by Grand Lodge Historian and Collegivm Treasurer, R:.W:.David Lavery, titled; “Ancient Illusions” which is further described in this communication. RWB Richard Lynch, Chancellor