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Past Grand Masters

2016 - Stephen T McGuire - Mt. Vernon Lodge No. 4
2015 - Raymond E. Hassell - St. Andrews Lodge No. 39
2014 - Wyman P. Hallstrom III - Roger Williams Lodge No. 32
2013 - Russell R. Davis, Sr. - Roger Williams Lodge No. 32
2012 - Douglas E. Connell - Morning Star Lodge No.13
2011 - Leon C. Knudsen - Charity Lodge No.23
2010 - Kenneth N. Bruns - Manchester Lodge No.12
2009 - Richard L. Ault, Jr. - Harmony Lodge No.9
2008 - Richard S. Sokoll - Redwood Lodge No.35
2007 - Steven E. Smith - Lafayette Lodge No.47
2006 - Carl B. Willi - St. John's Lodge No.1
2005 - Wyman P. Hallstom, Jr. - Roger Williams Lodge No.32
2004 - Bradford L. Barco - King Solomon's Lodge No.11
2003 - Joseph Brearley - Franklin Lodge No.20
2002 - Robert J. Allen - St. Andrews Lodge No.39
2001 - Dennis W. Pothier - Roger Williams Lodge No.32
2000 - Benjamin A. Phillips - Friendship Lodge No.7
1999 - Robert B. Yates - Barney Merry Lodge No.29
* 1998 - Ronald W. Simpson - Roger Williams Lodge No.32
d 1997 - Frank Dias, Jr. - Ionic Lodge No. 28
* 1996 - Arnold B. Wasserman - Redwood Lodge No. 35
* 1995 - Arthur R. Cole, Jr. - St. Johns Lodge No. 1P
1994 - Ralph DiScuillo - St. Johns Lodge No. 1P
1993 - Stephen E. Mitchell - Friendship Lodge No. 7
* 1992 - Joseph W. Thibodeau - Roger Williams Lodge No. 32
* 1991 - Donald F. Hopkins - St. Andrews Lodge No. 39
* 1990 - Elmer F. Perkins - Nathanael Greene Lodge No. 45
1989 - Herbert H. McGuire - Warwick Lodge No. 16
*1988 - Stephen E. Carpenter - Thomas Smith Webb Lodge No. 43
1987 - William H. Abbey - Rising Sun Lodge No. 30
* 1986 - Edward V. Hudson - Friendship Lodge No. 7
* 1985 - Julio A. Paniccia - Doric Lodge No. 38
* 1984 - Robert S. Corp - Manchester Lodge No. 12
1983 - Charles A. Calverley, Jr. - Harmony Lodge No. 9
* 1982 - Harvey K. Peet - Adelphoi Lodge No. 33
* 1981 - Henry G. Spoerer - Jenks Lodge No. 24
* 1980 - Charles M. Menge - Harmony Lodge No. 9
* 1980 - Norris G. Abbott, Jr. (Honorary) - Mount Vernon Lodge No. 4
*1979 - Paul A. Burkhardt, Jr - Ionic Lodge No. 28
1978 - A. Sheffield Reynolds - Nathanael Greene Lodge No. 45
* 1977 - Wesley J. Reuter - St. Johns Lodge No. 1P
1976 - Kenneth W. Jencks - Lafayette Lodge No. 47
*1975 - Malcolm C. Bromberg - Redwood Lodge No. 35
*1974 - William G. Hunt - Rising Sun Lodge No. 30

* - Deceased d - Demitted

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(401) 435-4650

Hours: 8:00am to 4:00pm 

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Becoming a member
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Grand Council

Br. Raymond E. Hassell

Most Worshipful Grand Master

Br. Stephen T. McGuire
Right Worshipful 
Deputy Grand Master

Br. Peter Iacobucci
Right Worshipful
Senior Grand Warden

Br. Glenn Carlson
Right Worshipful 
Junior Grand Warden


Br. Wyman P. Hallstrom, Jr.
M:.W:. PGM
R:.W:. Grand Secretary

Br. Rick Baccus
Right Worshipful
Grand Marshal

Br. Michael J. Barboza
Right Worshipful
Grand Treasurer

Grand Council 2017

iacobucci2017 tallBr. Peter Iacobucci
Most Worshipful Grand Master
carlson2017 portBr. Glenn Carlson
Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master
poyton2017 portBr. Kenneth Poyton
Right Worshipful Senior Grand Warden
kaufmann2017 portBr. Gary Kaufmann
Right Worshipful Junior Grand Warden
willi2017 portBr. Carl B. Willi
Most Worshipful Past Grand Master, Right Worshipful Grand Secretary
barboza2017 portBr. Michael J. Barboza
Right Worshipful Grand Treasurer
fontes2017 portBr. Gil Fontes
Right Worshipful Grand Marshal