Roger Williams Lodge No. 32 April 2017

By: W∴Johnathan Snowman, Master

"Whispering Good Counsel"

With the weather events in the month of February many stated communications were impacted. The blizzard was on February 9th. I remember this as it was the day prior to my birthday and R∴W∴Palazzo's DDGM visitation to Mt. Moriah Lodge was on my actual birthday. About 50 brothers were in attendance and all sang Happy Birthday which was very humbling to say the least.

Roger Williams was planning on passing 6 brothers to the degree of Fellow Craft at our meeting on February 11th. There were many reasons for me making the decision to postpone the degree several hours prior to the opening gavel with the weather as one of the major factors.

During the time leading up to making my decision, I had some good counsel whispered, and what a tough decision it was to make. This decision not only affected the candidates but the officers and the brethren who were in attendance expecting to see the degree. After opening, I addressed the brethren and then dropped the lights to Entered Apprentice. We then brought the candidates in to witness as much of the meeting as possible. R∴W∴Iacobucci, Deputy Grand Master was in attendance and closed in the Entered Apprentice degree. It turned out to be great evening after all.

The Fellow Craft degree was conferred 2 weeks later at a very well attended special communication. After the first section of the degree we called the lodge from labor to refreshment, I received some more good counsel from a certain handle-bar mustached brother that will remain with me for some time. This bit of good counsel, I am going to keep to myself as it was exactly what I didn't know I needed to hear at that exact moment, thank you brother!

My year as Worshipful Master is winding down. I would like to invite everyone to our May 13th meeting. This is R∴W∴Palazzo's Official Visitation to his Mother Lodge. We will be opening at 6:00 PM and will have a great dinner prior to the opening. I hope to see as many of you there.