Scottish Rite Valley of Providence Annual Class Dinner 2016

Ill∴ Thomas R Yeaw, 33°

On June 22, 2016 the Scottish Rite, Valley of Providence held its Annual Class Dinner at the Masonic Center which was attended by over 160 members and guests. 

atscottishriteThe ceremonies began with Invocation by Illustrious Brother Andre Gregoire followed by Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  Ill∴ Steven E. Smith, Active for Rhode Island served as Master of Ceremonies for the evening.

The first order of business was the installation of officers for the coming year.  The ceremony was conducted by Ill∴ Robert F. Ogg, Jr., Deputy for Rhode Island.  The presiding officers installed for the coming year are; Brother Hiram Jamiel II, Thrice Potent Master; Brother Jesse P. Friedman, Sovereign Prince; Brother Ronald P. Reed, Most Wise Master; and Brother Kenneth Poyton, Commander-in-Chief.  Congratulations to our new Presiding Officers and all the Officers installed for the coming year.

atscottishriteThe next order of business was the MSA Ceremony. The ceremony was conducted by MSA President, Walter Kelly and a distinguished suite of MSA members.  The MSA was conferred this year upon Brother Stephen Kemp for his many years of service to the Scottish Rite and the Masonic Fraternity.

During the evening many 50-year and 60-year membership awards were given out to those brothers in attendance.  Also awards were given out to our members who brought in three or more candidates who graduated.

The finale of the evening was presentation of diplomas to our graduating class of 24 new members.  The presentation was made
by our Illustrious Deputy Robert F. Ogg, Jr. and the Active and Active Emeritus members of Supreme Council.  Along with their diplomas the graduates received their Passports, Dues Card and a label pin. We were also honored to have our Grand Master present.