Grand Masters Message

Grand Master’s Address to the Brethren in the August 2017 edition of The Freemason magazine

Brother Peter Iacobucci
Most Worshipful Grand Master

Threshold of a Dream

Greetings Brethren,

Grand Master Peter Iacobucci

In my Grand Master's address at the Grand Lodge Annual, I spoke about the theme of the year which is "On a Threshold of a Dream".  What is most important is the entirety of that phrase, which is "live hand in hand and together we will stand on a threshold of a dream". Quite an inspirational verse from the musical group, the Moody Blues.  However, as inspirational as it may seem, there are various questions that need to be addressed in context to this statement.  One question being what dream and the other how we achieve it?

Pondering that poem and those two questions, I wondered about not only what dream but whose dream. We all have various dreams that are part of our desires, such as wealth, health, and certain personal achievements. We have social dreams that affect the life of others such as ridding the world of hunger, poverty, pollution, and oppression.  We have dreams of the proverbial world peace to dispel prejudice and cultural hatred between countries.   Also, consider the various dreams of many past world and religious leaders, such as the Old Testament prophets, Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, our founding fathers, Martin Luther King, Dali Lama, and Mahatma Gandhi to mention a few. Yet we cannot forget to mention the more diabolical dreams of Old World conquerors: Hitler, Stalin, and the destructive dreams of our modern-day terrorists.  So again, I ask, "Whose dreams"?
My intention is focused on our Masonic dreams and how we achieve them. We kneel at the altar and our first dream is to become a Mason. In each individual heart, where we were first made a Mason, we are seeking something personal on the Masonic journey that is about to begin. We dream to be part of a great historic fraternity or dream to acquire the Masonic secrets and the allure of being a Templar, or dream to become enlightened with some esoteric knowledge that will elevate our hearts and minds and make us better men. Ah yes, the dreams of the uninitiated fantasizing about Freemasonry and what it will offer.
We pass through the three degrees and listen to the lectures and forums quite excited as we learn the tenants of our profession, which are: friendship, morality, brotherly love, relief, and truth.  We glimpse the overture of Freemason's love for God and acknowledging from the lectures that we should "exert the talents  where with God has blessed us to his glory as well to the welfare of our fellow creatures".  We recited our obligations and kissed the Holy Writings to show our sincerity. Then we sign the bylaws to confirm that we will adhere to them as a "member of the lodge".  The first dream of every Mason fulfilled as we think to ourselves, "I am a Freemason"!
The excitement is soon lost in our egos and personal opinions as to how thing should be done. We criticize the Master and Officers of the lodge and forget our tenets and obligations.  Arguments arise and disharmony prevails. Dissent causes brethren to become discouraged and ultimately lose interest or leave the Craft completely. So, who are we to blame?  No country, company, or organization is destroyed from the outside. It usually weakens from the inside and sooner or later is victim to influences that otherwise would not affect it. How important is Freemasonry to us if we are party to such events? Are our tenants only words?  Maybe we fail to realize that every brother has an individual dream. Dreams that to them are stirring within them, such as; to be master or an officer of the lodge, to raise money for charity and assist the sick, to work various lodge events such as table lodges, BBQs, cigar dinners, etc. All these individual dreams and aspirations are cogs in the wheel of our fraternity that collectively support the perimeter of the wheel which symbolizes the entirety of our fraternal institution. The hub of the wheel symbolizes our God and the tenants of our profession. From that foundation center, all things precede but only if we choose as Master Masons to live those principles and assist our brothers in achieving their Masonic dreams.  
In conclusion, dreams abound in this world and each person aspires to achieve their dream. So, whose dream and how do we achieve them? I say that it should be our personal dream, as a brother to assist our brothers in achieving their Masonic dream, which in turn will help us achieve the collective goal as a Freemason to spread the tenants of our institution throughout the world and thereby let our light shine through to all mankind to better the world and glorify our God.
So, by "living hand in hand" (sharing and assisting in each other's dreams) "together we will stand" (as an indivisible unit of brothers) "on the threshold of a dream" (individual and collective dreams). I believe that is brotherly love and affection personified.  .
Warmest fraternal regards to all my Brothers and may God bless you all,        

Peter Iacobucci
Most Worshipful Grand Master