Grand Masters Message

Grand Master’s Address to the Brethren in the October 2017 edition of The Freemason magazine

Brother Peter Iacobucci
Most Worshipful Grand Master

Fraternal Greetings Brothers,

Grand Master Peter Iacobucci

I think the theme for this year could not be more appropriate considering the social conditions and strife which envelop our country today. Turmoil, confusion, misinformation, hatred, despair, violence, etc. shroud our lives and divert us from finding peace and happiness. Yet, amid all this we have a great haven in which to practice those tenants which should be foremost in our hearts, lives, and society. We are fortunate to be Freemasons where those outside influences, although disturbing, rattle not the foundations of our ancient craft.  For centuries, Freemasonry has survived through some of the most difficult periods in history. Here in our own country, we proved the value of the tenants of Freemasonry during the Civil War when racial and territorial disputes severely divided our country. Yet, Freemasons remained steadfast in preserving peace and harmony among Brothers and displayed the brotherly love and affection inherent in our teachings.

Today more than ever, society needs to see our Craft and hear how brotherly love echoes through our lodges and unites us into one common mass. Commonality is the platform on which we stand as a basis for that unification. When we embrace the attributes that we share instead of focusing on our differences, then unity prevails. What are the commonalities? They begin forming the moment we knock on the lodge door. From that moment, we begin a journey where we build trust, protection for one another, and share our love of God, family, and country. Here, within our lodges, we perceive each other as brothers, which is the commonality that allows us to remove the false images of being different and promotes equality and brotherly love. We build our individual edifices upon the foundation of Masonic principles in an atmosphere of diversity which is unparalleled in any other institution be it civic or religious. We transcend the social stigmas and see each other as brothers in our "Masonic Family".

So, brothers it is time to promote our gentle Craft to offer opportunity to like-hearted men to join and experience the beauty of Freemasonry.  I said beauty not perfection as we know nothing is perfect. But by our Almighty Architect, there exists nothing like us. If we could spread the tenants of Freemasonry, we are doing our part in helping the poor, downtrodden, oppressed and those generally in need.  We need not be strong in numbers but strong in our principles and our voice to show the world that diversity, inclusion, and tolerance can be the cornerstone of society.

My brothers hold strong to our principles of temperance, prudence, justice, and truth in the face of the barrage of social influences which can change our moral compass and fall prey to their ideals. Friendship, morality, brotherly love, relief, and truth make us Freemasons! We as brothers stand hand in hand and as the theme quote says: "stand hand in hand and together we stand on a threshold of a dream."  Yes, my brothers we stretch out our hands to each other in greeting and recognition and we do stand on that threshold of a Masonic dream united into one common mass or band of Brothers. 

Now is a perfect time to reach out to the world and promote our Craft but in doing so we must be vigilant in our public behavior. Also, we must have one voice as to the description of what our Craft is and what it stands for. Your Public Relations Committee has been working diligently on new avenues and programs to market Freemasonry. We will hopefully roll out a new booklet that has the simple answers about Freemasonry. It is being compiled and edited at this time. This will be a great tool to open discussion and explain Freemasonry to the public. The Public Relations Committee is planning an open house for the public and brothers to celebrate the 300th Anniversary of the United Grand Lodge of England. It is akin to celebrating a parent's birthday. I hope you will support this celebration. It will be unique. In addition, R∴W∴Mike Southern, our IT coordinator, and M∴W∴Carl Willi, Grand Secretary, have replaced the 'Rolls' data base program with Grand View and are currently working on other items to benefit the lodges. Any new endeavors or announcements will be communicated at the Semi-Annual Communication on Saturday, November 18.

Gilly and I are honored and privileged to serve such a distinguished jurisdiction of the finest Masons who endeavor to progress themselves and our Craft to new heights. Your enthusiasm and love for the Craft is inspiring as we look to the future of Freemasonry.  We are looking forward to spending time with our brethren and moving our Craft in new directions.

Warmest fraternal regards to all my brothers and may God bless you all,

Peter Iacobucci
Most Worshipful Grand Master