Open Day at Grand Lodge

Freemasons open to your questions

Rhode Island Freemasons are opening their Grand Lodge to visitors with questions about the group, its history, and and how it relates to today’s society. The state's Freemasons are observing the 1717 founding of the United Grand Lodge of England with a 300th Anniversary Open House Celebration.

The event is free and open to everyone; it's scheduled for Oct. 14 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Grand Lodge, 222 Taunton Ave., East Providence, RI. “As we trace Masonic history into ancient times,we inevitably discover that no one knows when Freemasonry began. However, we can say for certain that the first organized entity is the United Grand Lodge of England, who from their beginning became the institution that chartered 'regular' Masonic lodges throughout the world, including America,” said Rhode Island Grand Master Peter Iacobucci. “It became the birthplace of modern Freemasonry, and as such, this 300th celebration of the United Grand Lodge of England is similar to celebrating a parent's birthday – one to whom we as Freemasons worldwide, owe so much."

The celebration will be open to Freemasons and to the public who will be encouraged to ask frank questions about Freemasonry, said the Grand Master. Other programs and presentations will cover the history of Freemasonry in Rhode Island and America, and another on “What you never knew about Freemasonry” will reveal facets of the craft that even seasoned Masons may not know. Light refreshments will be served during the 300th anniversary celebration.