Freemasonry Helps Us Stand Apart From Unrest

Grand Masters Address June 2022Greetings from The Grand East,
It looks like global warming reared its ugly head in mid-July, the staggering heat was surely oppressive to the point that it wasn't pleasant to go outside. I for one look forward to cooler temperatures and more time for outdoor activities.

What's happening in the world in Freemasonry? The Grand Council and I recently returned from the Northeast Grand Master's Conference in New Hampshire, where brothers from the New England states assembled and discussed what's relevant throughout Masonry. The hot topic centered on security. It seems that many jurisdictions have been experiencing vandalism in many forms from simple graffiti to outright damage to their buildings. Not to get political in any way, but the world has become a nasty place; all you need do is look at the daily news to see that violence, disrespect and common decency have left our society.

Take the High Road
We as Freemasons are caught up in this menagerie, as this goes against all that we have learned and practice as brothers. It is certainly easy to find yourself in the middle of a heated debate or become so riled up as to take action. My brothers if you recall, we must learn to subdue our passions; we must step back, take a breath, and take a higher road. That is who we are as Masons. Yes, I know it's hard at times and we’re all human, but it's our oath and adherence to who we are and what we represent that stands us apart as men and Freemasons.

Unveiling the Five-Year Plan
My brothers, in the near future we will roll out the Five-Year Plan that is currently being developed. The development of this plan takes time, we are using the answers you have provided through the survey, isolating the important topics, and writing goals and objectives that will provide a path for our future and bring consistency in the years to come. We will also be discussing what we can do on the topic of security as I mentioned earlier in this article. In the meantime, take measures to keep your meetings safe and secure. Remember the quote by our brother Ben Franklin, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Plan to Attend the Rededication of the State House Cornerstone
Our big event for the year is drawing closer, the rededication of our State House cornerstone on October 15. It's open to all. My brothers if you do nothing else in this year, please plan on attending.

I'm asking for and need your support in this event. It is an opportunity to awaken the public that the Freemasons still exist and the message we bring is relevant. For all the history buffs, there may be a few artifacts that will surely excite your
passion. I hope to see you all there, please stop by and say “hi” that day.

I look forward to greeting all my brothers.
Be safe, protect your loved ones and we'll see each other soon.

Robert A. Palazzo, Grand Master

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