Happy Holidays to all from DeMolay!

As the new State Master Councilor of Rhode Island DeMolay, I have gone from being a bad ritualist, a little boy in a big suit, the chapter clown, to Master Councilor of Gaspee and now State Master Councilor (SMC)!

Wow, have times changed! Being in DeMolay for over five years has taught me how great this organization truly is. From having fun with my brothers, to planning events, to doing ritual, to leading a chapter, DeMolay is like no other in giving youth an opportunity to explore and grow in a safe and understanding environment. Being SMC really makes me think of the journey I have had in Rhode Island DeMolay.

image008This year I am looking forward to spicing things up. I want DeMolay to be unique from that of other years in regards to the events we will lead. My state suite and I will be working on a new initiative to get into Public Schools, to get the name DeMolay out there. We will be having a huge event called the “DeMolay Gram-Gala”, combination of the Grammy’s and Met Gala. We will also have fun and friendly competitions between the Executive Officer of Rhode Island DeMolay, dad Michael K. Lawson and myself, on who can survive the “ Blazing Hot Sauce“ at Buffalo Wild Wings, which is the hottest sauce they have!

These are just a few things Rhode Island DeMolay will be doing this year! And I hope to have everyone engaged and active in this year’s term! As always, DeMolay would love to come visit your lodge and we would be happy to do a presentation for you. Also, did you know DeMolay has opened a program called Squires? Now young men between the ages of 9 -12 can join Squires and meet and attend almost all of our DeMolay activities! Please be sure to reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

By: Felix Diclo, Jr., State Master Councilor