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The Repeat of 1896

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My Brothers, as the changing of the seasons signals a new beginning, so it does with the beginning of a new Masonic year.

blackwhitecapitolPlans are currently underway for the re-dedication of the State House cornerstone. Previously, we asked everyone to save June 18th as the official date, but due to some logistical issues and the fact that we can hold the event on the actual day of the original laying, we have made the decision to change the date to October 15, 2022.

We are asking everyone, in all lodges, to attend this unique opportunity. Much of what you will witness will come from the actual minutes of the event in 1896. We are asking for all Worshipful Masters of lodges to add this to your calendar and we certainly encourage anyone interested outside of our fraternity to show up as well.

Our community involvement will be a significant part of our planning this year and I sincerely hope you will consider such an event within your Lodge and your community. I look forward to hearing your plans in the months ahead and if there's anything I can do to assist, please reach out.

Robert A. Palazzo, Grand Master