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Behold How Good and Pleasant It Is…

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On Friday June 10, the Worshipful Master of King David Lodge, Taunton, MA, expressed to Brother Chris Lopes that he was concerned that the Entered Apprentice degree to take place a mere three days later would not be well attended owing to it being on a different night than their usual lodge meeting. 

The Worshipful Master was not concerned for himself or his officers but for the candidates who he feared would not receive the kind of impact the degree intended if they were brought to light to empty sidelines.  He also feared they would get the wrong impression of their new brothers in Freemasonry and of Freemasonry in general.  Brother Lopes upon hearing this reached out to lodges in Massachusetts asking for their attendance and requested that his father-in-law, Brother Rob Robertson, do the same in R.I.

On that same day from all the way “across the pond” Brother Rob Robertson posted a message to the private RI Freemason Group on Facebook explaining the request from King David Lodge. This message was viewed by many Masons, including myself, who quickly spread the word to their lodges and to the Northern District. 

RI Freemasons Answer the Call
beholdpic1On the evening of the degree, more than 30 visiting brothers from various lodges throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island were in attendance at King David Lodge.  Almost half the brethren in attendance came from Rhode Island lodges.  Brothers answered the call from all over RI, including Mt Moriah Lodge No. 8, Manchester Lodge No. 12, Morning Star Lodge No. 13, Jenks Lodge No. 24, Roger Williams Lodge No. 32, and Daylight Lodge No. 48.  For those keeping count, that’s representatives from one quarter of the lodges in R.I.!!

The Worshipful Master and officers of King David Lodge conferred a degree that clearly left an impression on their five candidates. Afterward the Worshipful Master expressed his and the lodge’s gratitude. 

Hearing how many of us were going to go out to eat afterwards, he encouraged all to stay offering to order food and drink for us to partake in.  We could not turn down so generous an offer.  After the meeting closed, we retired downstairs to break bread, enjoy the brotherhood of our fraternity and to congratulate and celebrate these five new brothers of King David Lodge. It was wonderful to be able to welcome these new brothers and equally as magnificent to meet Freemasons from all over Massachusetts, as well as seeing the familiar faces of the brethren of Ezekiel Bates Lodge.

Thank you to all the brothers from R.I. who made time in their schedules to support King David Lodge!  Thank you to all the Massachusetts. brothers who were so welcoming to us in our visit to their Grand Jurisdiction! Thank you to King David Lodge, its Master and its officers for their invitation and amazing hospitality!!

It was a fulfilling evening that carried an air of triumph for we experienced firsthand how glorious it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.

Stephan H. Saraidarian
R∴W∴ DDGM Northern District